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" After trying out these mirrors when I bought my practice six years ago (practicing for 13+ years now), I REFUSE to use any other mirror while practicing. They are so clear and lightweight. There is no comparison. I consistently have two Crystal HD Mirrors in each setup we make for operative and hygiene. I literally only have a few metal-handled mirrors in the practice and those are used solely for tapping on teeth. The Zirc mirrors are so ergonomic! My hand doesn't hurt anymore after using these because they are so comfortable and lightweight. I can't say enough positive things about them! "

– Dr. Nicci Hurcomb

" I just LOVE the crystal HD mirror #5 with soft grip! It’s lightweight and the larger handle is so comfortable to hold! I only have one right now but will get one for each set-up! Thanks for coming up with such a great product to make our job easier!! "

– Sandi Stewart

" I love these mirrors! I don’t know how they do it, but they reflect back very brightly. They are also very lightweight. When I don’t realize I’ve picked up an old mirror, I catch myself checking to see if my headlamp is on. The difference between Zirc mirrors and regular mirrors is that great. As a result, I have not only changed all of my mirrors to Zirc mirrors, but I have also changed all of my hygienist’s mirrors to Zirc mirrors. I find it much easier to diagnose with these mirrors because I can see so much more. With all of our new PPE, this product helps make visualizing everything in the mouth easier. The mirrors have helped me adjust to working with different masks and face shields, which have been a visibility obstacle for me. "

– Dr. Lynn Farrey

" I discovered the Crystal HD Mirrors many years ago. As a loupe and head lamp user, I loved the highly reflective surface. Being handed a different mirror, I feel like I am at a disadvantage knowing how good life can be with the Crystal HD Mirrors. Especially after changing to higher magnification loupes with a headlight – the more light available, the better! I do not want to practice without my Crystal HD Mirrors. "

– Laila Buck, DDS, MAGD

" I heard about the Zirc Crystal HD Mirrors in a Facebook group and dental podcasts. When I looked them up, they were reasonably priced so I ordered some. Comparing them to my regular metal mirrors, they are far superior in vision. The better I can see while working, the less frustration and stress I have and the quicker I can work. The Zirc Crystal HD Mirrors have become essential to every procedure I do and I cannot go back to the old metal mirrors now. My favorite is the Soft Grip size 5. I am pleased that there is a company like Zirc that is improving the basics for dentists and making our lives easier. "

– Dr. Alison Fransen

" Working predominantly with children, I have always used plastic mirrors. I originally ordered the Crystal HD Mirrors due to their colorful and cheerful design. Once I started using them, I could not believe the difference in brightness – I even did a side-by-side test to show my assistant how much better they are! "

– Dr. Jodi McGrady

" These are best mouth mirrors I have ever used! They don’t scratch and give you a brighter clear image!! The best! "

– Janice Cannella

" E-Z Access Shelf is a must-have! It is easy to install and adjustable. It is versatile, sturdy, and very handy. I highly recommend this product! "

– Nishan Halim, DMD

" I am such a fan of the mirrors! Who would have thought, that a dental mirror can make so many dental team members happy! I can't wait to order more, and switch out all of our old mirrors. They decrease eye strain, due to their clarity. The mirrors are also very light, and help with hand strain. "

– Naomi Chew

" I do really love Zirc’s mirrors! I was pretty skeptical that a mirror could really make a difference. Even after we got them, I didn't notice a huge difference... until I had to do a hygiene exam with an old mirror! Holy Toledo – could I tell a difference then! It was so dark and it was nearly impossible to see well. With the Zirc mirror it seems like more of the light gets reflected and the clarity is insane! I had originally bought three boxes of 12 but after truly understanding the benefit, I bought three more boxes of 12!! Love them! Highly recommend them to anyone! When we see better, we do better!! "

– Cassady Rider, DDS, FAGD