About Zirc

Established in 1967, Zirc provides new and innovative products to increase efficiency in use, sterilization, and storage of instruments and materials in the dental office. Our main operations, including engineering, tooling, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service, are headquartered in Buffalo, Minnesota. We sell our products worldwide, with a warehouse in Germany for distribution across Europe.

Our cutting-edge, color-coded products deliver increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved infection control. We offer a wide range of color options and product types for office organization – by procedure, by practitioner, or both. Our convenient, easy-to use color-coded system will allow for increased efficiency with less stress and confusion.

As an added layer of protection, we build an antimicrobial agent into the resin of our autoclavable, self-lubricating, multi-colored products. This antimicrobial product protection helps resist the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria and mold. We are registered with the FDA and CE, and hold ISO: 13485 certification.

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