Mouth Mirrors & Mirror Magic

Zirc offers the most brilliant and quality mouth mirror lens on the market today. The Crystal HD® mirror lens is 40% brighter than Rhodium and reduces eye strain and fatigue.


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"I have recently switched to the Crystal HD mirrors from Zirc in combination with an amazing new product, Mirror Magic, also from Zirc. This solution prevents my mirror from fogging during exams. Mirror Magic not only decreases fogging, it also decreases the build-up of debris on my mirror during procedures which affords me outstanding visualization. I used to wipe my mirror on the patient’s cheek multiple time during the procedure but now, I don’t need to at all. One of the most frustrating times was during oral surgical procedures when I would be looking for a root fragment or trying to visualize a socket and the mirror would keep fogging; with Mirror Magic this does not happen. It is one of those features that I didn’t realize I needed, and now I can’t imagine practicing without it. I use Mirror Magic on every patient and recommend you give it a try too." –Andrew M, Goldsmith, DDS, DICOI, FIALD

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