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" Mr. Thirsty has made life easier for me, my assistant, and our patients. Procedures are accomplished faster, easier, with higher quality and better comfort for patients. This is rubber-dam quality isolation without the discomfort of clamps. Absolutely fantastic for kids, who so often struggle with water in their mouths without a dam. I can isolate 2 full quadrants quickly and can easily cut and shape the tongue guard to fit any child or adult. Hygienists love it for full half-mouth hands-free suction and isolation during scaling and root planing. I've tried all the devices out there, and Mr Thirsty has the wonderful advantage of attaching directly to the HVE suction hose, so no special expensive dedicated tubing is needed, and I can quickly and easily switch between regular HVE and the Mr Thirsty as the procedure requires. This device is such a pleasure to use and an absolute game-changer once a dental team tries it. Mr Thirsty will be a permanent part of our hygiene, pedo, and restorative setups. Thank you for a GREAT product! "

– Daniel Dozier, DDS

" Received my Zirc mirror in the mail, THANK YOU. Working on ordering more for my office. Love it. "

– Stephanie Balch, RDH

" I LOVE my Zirc mirrors and honestly do not think that I could practice Dental Hygiene now without them. Their illumination and magnification have helped me so much in decreasing my neck and back pain. I no longer have to lean forward to see certain areas of the mouth. The Zirc mirror does all the work for me. "

– Karen Cannon, R.D.H.

" Because I use Mr. Thirsty, I am able to treat my patients more comfortably and safer, eliminating discomfort derived from suction tips striking soft tissues. It also helps patients with a gag reflex. My assistant is free to perform other chair-side duties without interruption of treatment. Mr. Thirsty helps us enhance our service and our patient's experience. It is a great practice building tool. "

– Paul S. Crespo, DDS

" Thank you very much for the samples. They arrived yesterday, and I'm looking forward to trying them. I enjoyed talking to Lisa. With her knowledge and experience, she better understood the needs and concerns of clinical practice. Zirc's business model of trying to make dentistry simpler and easier is what we "wet-fingered" dentists want. Keep up the good work! "

– Dennis Hiramatsu