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Zirc is able to offer a wide variety of effective products for dental office organization and increasing procedural efficiency that will bring success to dental practices of all sizes. Not only does Zirc offer a large range of color coding dental products and effective techniques, Zirc is also home to several unique and innovative products for dentists, dental assistants and hygienists. Learn more..

Because I use Mr. Thirsty, I am able to treat my patients more comfortably and safer, eliminating discomfort derived from suction tips striking soft tissues. It also helps patients with a gag reflex. My assistant is free to perform other chair-side duties without interruption of treatment. Mr. Thirsty helps us enhance our service and our patient's experience. It is a great practice building t . . .

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Zirc's Organizational Box of Efficiency (Z.O.B.E)

A 100% complimentary service from Zirc Dental. The Z.O.B.E. Experience offers a product demonstration with more than 25 of Zirc's Color Coding products. Zirc ships the product to you; you get hands-on experience at your practice for a week and then you return it back to Zirc...for FREE.

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