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" I love the SE cushions. We have very strong SE's in my office, and I am constantly (inadvertently) suctioning up the floor of the mouth of my patients, sometimes causing bleeding. The cushions work great! "

– Melissa Scott, RDH, BSDH

" Superior visualization is crucial to performing quality dentistry. We invest in surgical loupes, microscopes and lights to helps us see. I have recently switched to the Crystal HD mirrors from Zirc in combination with an amazing new product, Mirror Magic, also from Zirc. This solution prevents my mirror from fogging during exams. Mirror Magic not only decreases fogging, it also decreases the build-up of debris on my mirror during procedures which affords me outstanding visualization. I used to wipe my mirror on the patient’s cheek multiple time during the procedure but now I don’t need to at all. One of the most frustrating times was during oral surgical procedures when I would be looking for a root fragment or trying to visualize a socket and the mirror would keep fogging; with Mirror Magic this does not happen. Mirror Magic has truly made a difference in my practice. It is one of those features that I didn’t realize I needed, and now I can’t imagine practicing without it. I use Mirror magic on every patient and recommend you give it a try too. "

– Andrew M, Goldsmith, DDS, DICOI, FIALD

" I’ve been in practice for just over 10 years and I’ve never really thought about organization until recently when I went to an annual OSHA course that discusssed having locked tray covers during transport of contaminated instruments. That’s how I found Zirc. Then I saw how much more organized my office could be. At the same time the turnover with my assistants and the disorganization that each left behind was not good. Now I feel great knowing that every instrument has a home and that everyone is accountable for any lost or misplaced instruments. "

– Brandon Trevino,DDS,PA

" When you think of all the different dental products you use, a tray probably isn’t at the top of your list. At the same time, it’s something you use every day, with every patient. What’s more, your use of a tray is probably leading to an OSHA violation and you don’t even realize it. Zirc’s B-Lok Tray and locking cover solves this problem. After your instruments and items have been sterilized, putting them into a tray with a locking cover keeps everything protected until it’s time to use them. After you've used them, putting the items back into the tray and locking the cover helps prevent cross-contamination and provides safe transportation back to the sterilization area. While a tray may not be the most exciting product you use during the day, it’s a critical component regarding instrument transfer and OSHA compliance. "

– Kara Vavrosky, RDH

" I LOVE the mirrors! How in the world have I not had the mirrors in my setups over the years? My office is placing an order for the mirrors to be in all of my setups and in a few of my doctor's setups as well. "

– Melissa Scott, RDH, BSDH

" As a microscope user I can understand the importance of clear vision. ZIRC mirrors significantly improved the brightness of my image giving my eyes highest quality vision. It’s true… Brightness makes all the difference. "

– Dr. Dimitris Tsanaktsidis

" I am really impressed with the new dental mirrors. I have always taken for granted the rhodium mirrors we have used and didn't realize the significant improvement that could be made. The reflection is noticeably brighter and colors are definitely truer - quite significant when looking at the pulpal floor for subtle changes. The benefits of magnification relies on excellent light transmission to the subject, so the improved mirrors are a significant aid. I would like to return to my old mirrors, they now appear dull in comparison. "

– Dr. MacDonald Alastair BDS, MSD

" I value two things in a Dental Vendor: the quality of their product(s) AND the experience I receive in working with their team members. I have been working with Zirc for 6+ years and continually enjoy how they and their products help make my practice happier, safer, and more efficient! "

– Nishan Halim, DMD

" "Want to brighten your clinical view, diagnosis more, and reduce eye fatigue - switch to Crystal HD mirrors by Zirc. They are a proven winner!" "

– Lori Trost

" As a Dental Assistant I am constantly asked to try the newest "must have" product, so I have become very selective with the ones I truly would try or recommend. I have to say the Zirc organization and storage systems have blown me away. My days have become more efficient since everything I need for any given procedure is now at my fingertips. I no longer need to search through all the drawers to find anything, and the practice is neat and organized making everyone's day easy and pleasurable. "

– Mercy Guerrero, CDA