Protection Pack

Product Code: 50Z955

$9.00 USD

What precautions are you taking to protect yourself, your staff, & your patients from the hazards of aerosols? We are ready to help you prepare with our NEW Protection Pack! This trial kit contains 3 of our bestselling isolation products:

  • Mr. Thirsty One-Step (1 Pedo./Small Adult & 1 Medium/Large)
  • Insti-Dam (1 Original & 1 Relaxed-Fit)
  • Pink Petal (3)

With the recent news regarding COVID-19, the Protection Pack aligns with CDC and ADA recommendations to decrease aerosol production. While no way exists to eliminate 100% of aerosols, studies have shown that use of HVE and HVE with an attached device cuts aerosol production by greater than 90%. A reduction in aerosols means a reduction in potentially infectious materials in the air, making a safer environment for both you and your patients.

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