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Zirc is able to offer a wide variety of effective products for dental office organization and increasing procedural efficiency that will bring success to dental practices of all sizes. Not only does Zirc offer a large range of color coding dental products and effective techniques, Zirc is also home to the several unique and innovative products for dentists, dental assistants and hygienists.  Learn more...

Home New Products 2013

Efficient & Effective
An affordable instrument cassette system to maximize dental practice efficiency.

Posterior Isolation
Straight out-of-the-box and placed in seconds.

Isolation & Evacuation
Mr. Thirsty a product that should be at every dental practice chairside.

Are you up to "The Dam Challenge"?

Over the years traditional rubber dams have been more of a hassle compared to being effective. With so many tools and materials needed, who would want to tackle the process during a procedure? With Zirc's Relaxed-Fit Insti-Dam, practitioners can now place a rubber dam in seconds and take advantage of the many benefits without the trouble of set up and placement. Check out the Dental Product Shopper 2013 Evaluation!

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