12-Hole Tall Bur Guard

Product Code: 50Z408

$17.00 USD

  • Longer arm accommodates surgical burs
  • Protects bur from being damaged during ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization
  • Fits latch, friction grip and HP burs
  • Drain holes on the bottom of the bur guard help prevent rusting on the burs
  • One short bur adapter comes with one bur guard which enables long and short burs to be used in the same bur guard
  • Dimensions: 2-7/8" x 3/8" x 1-5/8"
  • Autoclavable up to 136°C/275°F
  • Washer-disinfect
  • Available in Gray Only

Recommended Bur Size: 30.9mm - 37.1mm

Select Available Color:

12-Hole Steri-Bur Guard


22-Hole Steri-Bur Guard

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