CAD/CAM Block Locker™ Small

Product Code: 50Z415

$1,100.00 USD

  • Includes 6 Internal Organizers & 6 Block Dividers
  • Choose from 7 different colors for Internal Organizers, N, E, J, T, U, Q, and S
  • Fits all CAD/CAM milling blocks including PrograMill®, CEREC®, PlanMill™ blocks
  • Holds up to 288 individual blocks
  • 3 inch tall drawer accommodates accessories, such as burs & lubricant
  • Sleek, powder-coated finish for modern look
  • Provides a professional platform to present and discuss same-day restoration
  • Use online customization tags to create organization by shade and translucency
  • Dimensions: 19-1/2” W x 16” T x 9-1/4” D
  • Weight: 28.73 lbs

Select Available Color:

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