Inventory Update from Nicolle Campion, President of Zirc Dental Products:

Due to COVID-19, dental offices are implementing new processes and policies to ensure a safe work environment for their team and for all patients. This includes additional PPE and increased infection control procedures. The discussion of controlling aerosols during treatment has been at the forefront of conversations and practices are seeking isolation devices that will help achieve aerosol control.

Because of this, our Mr. Thirsty® One-Step is in high-demand and we are working diligently to fill these orders. We know this is an important component in treating patients and we are doing everything we can to get practices Mr. Thirsty® One-Step. Unfortunately, due to the increase in demand, we are currently not able to fill orders as quickly as we would like and we are taking actions to increase our inventory.

Here's What We Are Doing Immediately:

  • We are running our production press 24/7!
  • We have other isolation devices available. We encourage you to consider these options as an interim solution until we can produce more product: Lingua-Fix® , Pink Petal®, Insti-Dam® Original, Insti-Dam® Relaxed Fit, SE Cushion®, and Airway Armor®.
  • We have conducted in-office clinical testing of Mr. Thirsty® One-Step's POWER of suction. We have tested it up against the standard HVE and 3 other hands-free competing isolation devices. The results are astounding! Mr. Thirsty® One-Step's performance was superior to all other hands-free devices! See time comparison results video below.

Here’s Our Plan:

  • We are executing a plan that will allow us to continue to ramp up production.
  • We are setting up/running our 1st Generation of Mr. Thirsty® One-Step that we launched years ago. While this is not our most recent version, it functions similar to the 2nd generation and it does a great job of controlling aerosols hands-free! If you are interested in learning more about this as a TEMPORARY solution to our “One-Step” version, please let us know.

Just So You Know:

  • We proudly manufacture our products in our own facility based in Minnesota. Made in the USA!
  • Our team has made schedule changes so we can accommodate the high-order volumes we are seeing.
  • We have CLINICAL Efficiency Experts with a long-standing background in dental assisting and hygiene. Our clinical team is available to advise practices on how they can improve their organization and infection control procedures. If you are interested in a phone consultation, please click here.

THANK YOU for choosing Zirc! We appreciate you.

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