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Try these helpful tips with one procedure at a time and see the results. Lower your inventory levels, decrease the clutter and work more effectively.

Think in Color. Save in Time. Color coding can make training effortless and communication flawless at the dental practice.

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Color Code System and ROI Case Study:

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    Get Organized with Zirc - Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Maximize efficiency while maintaining sterility during instrument processing and orgainzation.

    DPS Tried & True - Crystal HD Lens and the Mirror Magic Anti-Fog System Dentistry requires skill and precision with your hands but more importantly your vision. Over a person’s lifetime, their vision will slowly become less acute and will need to rely more on magnification along with high-quality imagery.

    Mirror Magic® Provides Anti-Fog Solution for the Hygienist During Clinical Procedures and Digital Photography

    Designed for use during dental procedures, the Mirror Magic® Anti-Fog System prevents dental mirrors from fogging and provides hygienists with a quick method for removing debris during procedures. Its unique system includes a disposable, self-adhesive swipe pad and anti-fog solution.

    Keeping Things Clear "One of the biggest challenges facing every clinical dental hygienist is how to efficiently and effectively keep the mirror surface clean and fog-free."

    Productive Productivity A time and motion study was performed to evaluate the length of procedure time when mr. thirsty® one-step was used in comparison to when it was not used. Four doctors participated in this evaluation and a total of 40 procedures were evaluated.

    Your Vision is Priority Dentistry requires skill and precision with your hands but more importantly your vision. The brightness and clarity in Zirc’s Crystal HD® lens provides a clear view so you can work more efficiently while saving your eyes from the strain and fatigue caused by a regular rhodium lens.

    Spring Cleaning with Zirc When is the last time you dove into the depths of your operatory drawers or scanned the storage of your sterilization area cabinets?

    Finding Ways to Save Everyone is screaming economy right now, right? It is heard all the time from doctors when you ask about buying more supplies or replacing instruments...

    Practice Management Managing the overwhelming amount of instruments and materials used takes a lot of training, careful planning and a lot of time...

    Get Organized We use organization every day, week, month and year without even thinking about it.

    To Organize or To Organize…That is the Question. But there are no Shakespearian doubts here. There is no choice.

  • DPS Product Reviews
    Zirc’s Crystal HD mirror combines outstanding brightness and color accuracy with scratch-resistance and a lightweight, comfortable design.

    Zirc’s new Crystal HD mouth mirror is 40% brighter than rhodium and has a 99% reflection factor, providing “previously unavailable brilliance and color.” The autoclavable mirror, with plastic head and scratch-resistant lens, and the handle are Microban-protected.

    The open top, round holes, and radiused corners on E-Z Jett Cassettes allow for better water flow.

    The E-Z Jett Cassette from Zirc comes with a variety of features to aid efficiency. Some of these features include better cleaning because of the open top, round holes, and radiused corners; an attachable cover that opens and folds back easily; and improved infection control with the inclusion of Microban Antimicrobial Protection. To keep syringe tips with other instruments during sterilization, a syringe tip clip is included on the holder. The autoclavable cassette is available in 16 colors.

    The Composite Whizard Organizers are designed to be portable and convenient.

    Zirc manufactures 2 composite organizers—1 for syringe composites and 1 for capsule composites. Both organizers come with the accessories needed to organize the composite material, along with storage space for other items needed during the procedure.